Inspection of stationary devices

Hardly any human being comes out without any electrically operated device. But it is not just the light switch, the TV or the entertainment electronics, which are humming and flashing in our daily lives – especially in the working world almost no company can do without electrically powered tools! The employer has to carry out the regular electrical test according to BGV A3 to ensure safety for all employees when handling a PC, printer, scanner, fax, drill, press air hammer, automatic coffee machine or water cooler.

According to the operating safety regulations (BetrSichV), the technical regulations for operational safety testing of work equipment and systems require supervision (TRBS), and there are also accident prevention regulations for “Electrical installations and operating equipment” (BGV A3) And safety. During the electrical test according to BGV A3, all so-called stationary work equipment is scrutinized. The employer must first determine the intervals and the extent to which various mobile devices of the company have to be tested according to BGV A3 in the course of a risk assessment.

What are local workstations?

Each company has stationary and fixed electrical workstations which differ in their mobility. Electrical devices which have a plug and are therefore easily transported from one place to another and can be reused there, in the same manner, are referred to as workable means. Localized work equipment has only a fixed location and cannot be moved without further construction measures.

What does the protection class say about an electrically operated device?

The protection class of an electrical work equipment is an important safety precaution for the inspector even before the actual electrostatic test and a point of reference for the test procedure. It provides information about the existing protective insulation by the manufacturer.

Depending on how an electrical device is insulated from the factory, the electrician must proceed slightly differently during the test to obtain the correct measured values ​​and not to endanger themselves.

Each protection class has its symbol, which is usually printed or stamped on the housing of the working tool, for example, it comes with the best bench grinder. Also, the power plug provides information about the appropriate protection class.

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